No Style. All Vibes.

I wish I had a style. Every artist needs a style, right? An instantly identifiable approach that's both unique yet familiar. You know: a vibe for the masses to latch on to.

Alas, I have a million vibes. If I was a muted ringing phone I'd vibe right off the table.

​I'm PVR, the artist behind PVRtist. To accommodate said lack of artistic focus, I've decided to work in one all-encompassing medium (that I made up): Vibes. 

​It goes like this: I get an idea. I develop it into a concept. Then I artistically and prolifically explore within the bounds dictated by the concept, creating a self-contained world (or Vibe) into which the viewer is invited to dive.

While my methods may range from original illustration and other artworks, to existing artistic elements repurposed in collage or paired with typography, to whoknowswhat mode of expression; and my themes may hopscotch the spectrum from quasi-political, to ebullient feel-goodism, to the kookily profound; the unifying essence of my work is its stanch adherence to originality of concept. The idea behind each Vibe is 100% original to my brain. From there , the process is easy: I share that creative spark with you (a discerning connoisseur of originality), then you share that Vibe with others, via the PVRtist work you hang on your walls, slap on your vehicles or laptops, or wear out-and-about into the zaniness of existence.

I'll be creating new art within Vibes constantly, not to mention developing whole new Vibes regularly as well. Will you vibe with all of them? Of course not. Which makes taking the time to explore at least a few so crucial. So, please...start.

Glad you're here. Enjoy your digital ramble. And, for goodness sake, have a little fun while you're here. The world is serious enough; enjoy a respite in (all of) mine. PVR