Just Getting It Down in Pixels
Some might say I'm a little trademark happy. They'd be wrong. I'm trademark ecstatic. If I could, I'd slap a TM on the grilled cheese sandwich I made yesterday. What can I say? I believe in protecting my creative output, so I'm just getting it down in pixels here: these are the some of the key phrases and graphics that I am using in commerce, claimed as trademarks of PVRtist, Inc.


My Thoughts. On Things.™
I Don't Do Been Done.™
Everything That's Nowhere Else.™
Allow Me to Express Yourself.™
Design: The PVRtist grid logo

BasketBill™ BRAND
The Ambassador of Basketball Bliss.™
Design: The BasketBill smiling basketball graphic

Kale Blows™ BRAND
Design: The Kale Blows octagon logo​

No A-Holes™ BRAND
The Peace Sign of the 21st Century™
Save the World. One Letter at a Time.™
Design: The hole-less "A"

​Northling™ BRAND
Up Here It's Another Universe.™
Design: The alien head with antlers
Design: "My Heart Is Up North" compass graphic

Smileclops™ BRAND
Get Freakin Happy.™
Design: The one-eyed smiley face

​World's Greatest Dud® BRAND
Only One Dad Can Be Best, Here's to the Rest.™
Pop's Choppers™
The Armchairman™
I Am Dad and I Approve This Message™
Dud Life™
University of Burpology™
Design: The crown-wearing Dudley logo
Design: The recliner-bound Armchairman

​InstaCostume™ BRAND
The Halloweirdest™
Design: The pumpkin smile t-shirt logo

​Me Crush™ BRAND
Design: Crusher, the Golfing Gorilla (based on officially licensed gorilla image / ©

The Self-awarehouse™ BRAND
This is the Tagline™​

Out Standing™ BRAND
Gear for Wandering Water's Wonders.™
Design: The stand up paddleboarder silhouette

Harbor Springer™ BRAND
Live Life to Its Richest™
Size Motors™
Design: The Harbor Springer springer spaniel bust

​Saug Daug™ BRAND
Chillin in Saugatuck, Michigin™
Design: The hand-sketched Saug Daug dog

PVRtist's Michigan Brand™
Grab Life by the Hand.™
Design: The state of Michigan holding a smiling face.
Design: The state of Michigan holding a heart.
Design: The state of Michigan holding items.